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aarliss1: Is it possible to mak... 14 Feb 2011

Is it possible to make the images appear in a random order every time you open the window?

ahoffman81: I have the data.xml a... 9 Feb 2011

I have the data.xml as the same folder as the cleanslideshow.swf file, but the slideshow is not playing. It is coming up blank on my test web page. Your instructions say to change the path, but what do I need to change it to? I didn’t change the path because the files are located in the same folder, but it is not working online.

(Your instructions) Flash Setup

The only thing you need to change inside your flash file is the path to your xml file. The variable to change is at the top of the flash file. It has data.xml already set for you.

I am a graphic designer doing basic web design, so please explain everything thoroughly. Thank you!

jernigani: Hmm, it seems that so... 28 Jan 2011

Hmm, it seems that some of the files aren’t being loaded.

I would check and make sure that the file path is correct for those files. When I try and go to them directly they don’t work.

crazi247: i'm having the hardes... 21 Jan 2011

i’m having the hardest time getting this to work. even straight from the download, i put the .jpg files in the images folder, change the xml file, and it comes up blank.

here’s a sample <image href="C:\Users\ZACH\Desktop\rotator\rotator\images\8.jpg" transitiontime="1">8.jpg<\image></image>

am i doing something wrong there?

here’s what I’ve tried live on my site <image href="" transitiontime="1"></image>

does that look right?

also, does the code mentioned at the top need to be in the header, or above or below the code? I’ve tried it all.

it just comes up blank both on my site and from the folder. when I right click on the page, it says the movie hasn’t loaded.

here’s a link to the page I’m working on so you can see the source code.

jernigani: I'm not sure what whi... 29 Nov 2010

I’m not sure what white flash you are talking about. Does it happen for you in different browsers? Or is it a specific browser? Is there a live url I can see what you are talking about?

I will look into making the flash file cycle just once. If you have flash I can probably walk you through how to do it yourself. If not, I can send you an edited version.

Tekserver: This is great but why... 28 Nov 2010

This is great but why is there a white flash before the slideshow starts? How do you remove this?

Also did you ever make it so you can just cycle through the images once?

Caulfield: Thank You!!! Now it w... 12 Nov 2010

Thank You!!! Now it works great! Simple and clean… perfect.

jernigani: Set the value <code>f... 10 Nov 2010

Set the value fullsize to be empty instead of true.
That should stop the cropping from happening.

jernigani: It currently allows f... 10 Nov 2010

It currently allows for different transition times, but not different times for each slide. I’m not sure why I set it up this way…

Caulfield: Thanks. This is just ... 7 Nov 2010

Thanks. This is just what I need. It’s working fine, and I really appreciate all the attention to detailed instructions, especially for a novice like me. You actually taught me a few things!!! So many thanks.

My problem should be simple to solve. I want to place the slideshow swf in another flash portfolio template. And it’s all working except for the sizing. The window I built my images to is 800×430. The images display larger and are cropped off. How do I make images sized to window?

Many Thanks…

bry333: Pre-purchase question... 16 Jul 2010

Pre-purchase question: Does this allow independent duration times for each different slide?

Gr4ph1c4b0ut: hello! just sent you ... 5 May 2010

hello! just sent you an email! ;)

jernigani: @Gr4ph1c4b0ut Do you ... 3 May 2010

@Gr4ph1c4b0ut Do you have an example page you could send me or show me online?

Gr4ph1c4b0ut: yes thanks! ... but n... 3 May 2010

yes thanks! ... but now … to have it transparent? ... just set the right settings in flash (transparent without window) and added in swfobject “var params = (“wmode”, “transparent”);” but it still takes the stage color … :(

jernigani: @Gr4ph1c4b0ut Glad yo... 30 Apr 2010

@Gr4ph1c4b0ut Glad you figured it out ;)

Gr4ph1c4b0ut: ok ... solved ... i n... 30 Apr 2010

ok … solved … i need to re-export my .swf … sorry for that .. ;)

Gr4ph1c4b0ut: hello! ... may be a s... 30 Apr 2010

hello! ... may be a stupid thing … but i don’t know how to change the initial fade white color … i need it to be black …


jernigani: @snez_4eva Well you s... 7 Apr 2010

@snez_4eva Well you should be able to import a SWF file into either AS2 or AS3 no matter what the Actionscript version of the SWF file. So you could make an exported version and then import that into whatever you are making. Just search online for embedding SWF files with Actionscript. I hope that helps.

snez_4eva: Thanks for the help j... 4 Apr 2010

Thanks for the help jernigani,

I’m very new to AS and flashden so I didn’t realise that I would have to check that before I downloaded- my bad I guess.

At this stage I think I will just have to fade the images manually in flash instead of with AS – too bad because I was really looking forward to seeing your slideshow on my site! Hopefully I will be able to use it on a future project instead so the file wont go to waste on my computer (since a refund isn’t really possible when the error was on my behalf!)

Is there any export settings I could use that might allow me to embed it in my AS2 file? I know the file size would be bigger, but it might still be smaller 9and easier) than trying to import each photo into flash and manually create transitions.

Any ideas/tips would be fantastic!

You’ve got a great file so I hope you get more downloads in the future!

Thanks again

jernigani: @snez_4eva I am sorry... 4 Apr 2010

@snez_4eva I am sorry that you are having some issues. I hope I can help. Unfortunately it seems you didn’t check if this file was for AS3 or AS2 . Currently I do not have a AS2 version for this file. I am really sorry that you didn’t see that.

And I think the resizing issue can be resolved by setting the stage size to the dimensions you would like when in flash and reexporting the file.

Again, I’m sorry you are having some problems and hope you can resolve them.

snez_4eva: Hi, and thanks so muc... 1 Apr 2010

Hi, and thanks so much for the great slideshow! It is exactly what I have been looking for!

ALTHOUGH I HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM ….. I NEED ACTIONSCRIPT 2 .0 AS EVERYTHING ELSE IN MY FLASH FILE CAN ’T RUN IN ACTIONSCRIPT 3 .0 – are there any changes i can make to make this work? unfortunately if not, this file is completely unusable to me!!

also was wondering how to stop it from automatically resizing the images.

I need all my images to be exactly 623×592 (and have resized the files to this) on the page to fit in the place i have set for it

any ideas?? thanks!

jernigani: No, @thewillage I'm s... 24 Mar 2010

No, @thewillage I’m sorry it doesn’t. It is a very basic slideshow, and doesn’t have that built into the file. I wish I did have more time because it’s definitely on my to-do list of features to add to this file. :) If I add it I will definitely inform you.

thewillage: does this have a next... 18 Mar 2010

does this have a next and previous button functionality?

jernigani: Sorry @infullmotion t... 15 Mar 2010

Sorry @infullmotion this won’t work with AS2 . The transitions I use are built for working with AS3 .

infullmotion: Hi pal, I'm still on ... 12 Mar 2010

Hi pal, I’m still on AS2 , would this file still be suitably modified?

jamcom: Thank you for your qu... 9 Mar 2010

Thank you for your quick reply! Look forward to hearing from you later on this. Also, yes I do have access to flash – just not entirely sure what needs to be added or modified. Thx!

jernigani: If you have access to... 9 Mar 2010

If you have access to flash it could be added, but would require some knowledge of actionscript. I will look into my file and see if more settings could be added. The initial intention for this file was for it to simply be what it is – a basic slideshow. But…I have had a few people request a more robust version. So I will definitely look into it, but it won’t probably get done within this month. I hope that helps, even though it isn’t soon. I will contact you personally when it is done.

jamcom: I have been using use... 9 Mar 2010

I have been using use this on my clients website for a number of months now – works great, love the simplicity – but I really need it to pause on the rollover – it’s feels like a race to click through on the image before it changes. Also if it could dim, highlight or darken the image on the rollover as it pauses would be great. Do you know if there is any way I can add this functionality?

Thank you :)

Alfromhell: Thanx buddy - I alrea... 5 Mar 2010

Thanx buddy – I already solved it by myself: The answer is to copy all the files into the exact same directory as the page lies. No Submenus like “Slideshow” in the “My Homepage HTML Files” Folder. You know what I mean?

It worked that way already and everything is fine. I still gave your great file a 5 star rating.

Have a nice weekend and thanx for the response!


jernigani: I will send you an em... 4 Mar 2010

I will send you an email and try and help you figure this out.

Alfromhell: It doesn't even work ... 4 Mar 2010

It doesn’t even work when I pull it into my mozilla browser. pleeeze help!

Alfromhell: hey there! nice file ... 4 Mar 2010

hey there! nice file – but one question: offline here i see the file and slideshow working perfekt – but when i insert it into my html file by dreamweaver, it stays blank… :(

can you pleeeze help me – it’s really urgent!!!

jernigani: I'll take a look and ... 12 Feb 2010

I’ll take a look and see. :)

sup3rmark: Is there any way to t... 11 Feb 2010

Is there any way to top the slideshow from looping? I would like it to just cycle through images one.


jernigani: I hope the email I se... 12 Jan 2010

I hope the email I sent you is helpful. But in-case others might need the same help I’ll post it here.

Inside the _ExampleHELP_swfobject.html file you can look at the source code. And there are 2 things you need to add to your html file where you want it to show up.

1. put this in the tag of your html file. You will need to load the swfobject.js file, and put it somewhere on your server.

<!-- Element that flash is loaded into --> <script type="text/javascript" src="/path/to/this/file/swfobject.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> var flashvars = {}; var params = {}; var attributes = {}; swfobject.embedSWF("path/to/your/flash/file.swf", "load_flash_slideshow", "590", "300", "9.0.0", false, flashvars, params, attributes); </script>

2. Then put this where you want the slideshow to show up.

<!-- SWF Object <a href=""></a> --> <div id="load_flash_slideshow"> <p>Content that will be replaced once loaded.</p> </div>

If you still need help, you can send me a url to a test page, and I can see what might be the issue.

jasong: Hi I am having a coup... 12 Jan 2010

Hi I am having a couple problems setting this up I am sure it is my fault because I am new to flash. I purchased this file because it is easy to start with so far I have uploaded all the files, and changed the path in the DATA file but nothing shows up on the site also is the data file where I changed the path what goes into the html? If not which part does ?

I have never used flash so I thought the instructions would tell me how to set this up on my site. Thanks

jamcom: Exactly what I needed... 4 Dec 2009

Exactly what I needed – SIMPLE ! Thank YOU !

eagleweb: Excellent Program!!! ... 25 Nov 2009

Excellent Program!!! Thanks.

kade119: I wnat the option of ... 17 Sep 2009

I wnat the option of placing the text in the actual .fla file .. when i do, the text disappears to quickly.. can you modify it or tell me how so i can place text in the .fla file?

jernigani: Not through the xml f... 8 Sep 2009

Not through the xml file, sorry. This is just a basic slideshow. It doesn’t include most of the advanced bells and whistles. The most advanced part of this slideshow is that each slide can be clickable.

I could make another version where that could be possible, but just haven’t had the time to make a more advanced version.

kade119: is there a way to lay... 8 Sep 2009

is there a way to lay flash text on top of the images in the flash file, so if i want to add different transitions between text?

yanooshe: Gallery works fine. J... 27 Aug 2009

Gallery works fine. Jernigani is a very helpful guy. He has solved some problems which my server admin could not manage. I can recommend this stuff!

bluehaus: Awesome, thanks! ... 12 Aug 2009

Awesome, thanks!

jernigani: Nice find. I didn't r... 12 Aug 2009

Nice find. I didn’t realize this was still happening. Simply change the reference to ‘_width’ to ‘xwidth’, and any reference to ‘_height’ to ‘xheight’. That should give you a quick fix.

You can simply wait for the updated version to be approved. I will update the description when that happens, or you can simply contact me and I can send you the updated version.

bluehaus: Hey, great file and t... 12 Aug 2009

Hey, great file and thanks for creating it. I’m having a few errors when running it though and wondered if you could help me out? The errors are as follows:

Warning: 1058: Migration issue: The property _width is no longer supported. Use the DisplayObject.width property instead.. loader_mc._width = stageWidth;

loader_mc._height = newsItems.@loadbarheight;, 0, stageWidth * pct, loader_mc._height);

Tweener.addTween(loader_mc, {y:(stageHeight-loader_mc._height), time:1, transition:”easeOutSine”});

Any ideas?

Thanks for your time,

jernigani: Thanks for purchasing... 4 Aug 2009

Thanks for purchasing my file! Be sure and only use the file the amount of times your specific license allows. Most license allow for multiple use within the same project/website. So please read over to make sure. Thanks.

Some Answers

If neither of those options work, please contact me via email on my profile page, and I can try and give some more complete explanations.

duncand: Hi, How do I use mul... 4 Aug 2009

Hi, How do I use multiple versions on my website? It’s working great in my index page but I want like 10 different slide shows on my news pages.



jernigani: I'm sorry your having... 4 Aug 2009

I’m sorry your having problems. I will try my best to help you with setting your file up on your server.

Is the website you are requesting the images from on a different domain than where you are hosting the flash file? if so, you will need to add to your server what’s called a crossdomain.xml file.

Do you have any scripts on your server for disabling “image leeching” or “hot linking files”?

Have you tried setting your images to absolute urls?

If none of those fix your issue, do you have a url you could send me for me to look at your html? That will probably be the easiest.

ldburden: Hello, I'm new to th... 4 Aug 2009

Hello, I’m new to this. the slideshow works perfectly when i preview it on my ciomputer but once uploaded via ftp to my site it no longer shows. what would i be doing wrong?

jernigani: @therealmacoy23 that ... 14 May 2009

@therealmacoy23 that could be a good addition to the next version of this slideshow. But this version is setup to simply just go one after the other.

If you would like help adding this to your current file I could possibly help you customize the file for you. Simply send me an email from my profile page. :)

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alitis: Hey there! I have ... 12 Nov 2011

Hey there!

I have a pre-sale question. I want to add this slideshow to my homepage. Is the slideshow-size adjustable? Because I want to have a big one slideshow. And do the images have to be same size so that the transitions work properly?

skane: @jernigani Is this... 20 Oct 2011


Is this premium CodeCanyon code being supported at all? The last response from you in this comments forum was 9 months ago, plus I haven’t gotten any acknowledgement from two emails to you over 3 work days.

The Simple javascript XML Slideshow code seems to be broken in ie8. Rotating images work in FF, Chrome, Safari, ie7 and ie9, but images stop displaying after the first rotation in ie8.

genevishgraphics: Hi there! Just a qui... 5 May 2011

Hi there! Just a quick question – Any way to get the images to load in a specific order ? I named the images 001, 002 etc but they are still loading randomly. Thank you!

puddlez: Please advise if the ... 5 Apr 2011

Please advise if the script allows me to move the locations of the right and left arrows? Script source: This is for Example 3 located at the bottom of the page.

Thanks!!! Julie

Ixian: Does this script resi... 29 Mar 2011

Does this script resize images to the dimensions set for the display, or do you have to pre-size the slide images to whatever dimensions you want the slideshow to be first?

calulo1: buddy , can I ju... 29 Mar 2011

buddy , you can e mail me at juan.ochoa(at)

can I just get an index.htm, xml.htm file that is already working with your first slide show ?
I am sure your interface to generate code works wonderfully , but I  just need to clean up the index file, replace the images in the mage folder , reset the .xml paths and resize the images in the .css file .

THanks for your help

Your customer

ahoffman81: I have the data.xml a... 4 Feb 2011

I have the data.xml as the same folder as the cleanslideshow.swf file, but the slideshow is not playing. Your instructions say to change the path, but what do I need to change it to? I didn’t change the path because the files are located in the same folder, but it is not working online.

(Your instructions) Flash Setup

The only thing you need to change inside your flash file is the path to your xml file. The variable to change is at the top of the flash file. It has data.xml already set for you.

jernigani: This is easier to exp... 30 Jan 2011

This is easier to explain through email. If you contact me through the contact form on my profile page it will be much easier to help. I can then send you actual examples without the comment form here messing up the code.

moman83: Hi, You mean to sa... 28 Jan 2011


You mean to say in xml file I will have to replace:


<link />




If I do that, the click through link is still not working…

Do I have to change the code somewhere else too?


jernigani: You have to change th... 28 Jan 2011

You have to change the xml file you are using. This is a link as to why

Here is an example of how to change it for this app to make it work.


A CDATA section starts with the following sequence:


and ends with the first occurrence of the sequence:


jernigani: Sorry for the very la... 27 Jan 2011

Sorry for the very late response…

I haven’t tested the plugin with that WP plugin. I will take a look and see if I can spot any specific issues.

I will also take a look and make sure that the noConflict is really working. Thanks for catching this!

jernigani: Sorry for the very la... 27 Jan 2011

Sorry for the very late response, but…

Thanks so much for figuring that out! I will update my documentation to reflect this, so others don’t get confused. I’m glad that you got it working.

moman83: Hi, I tried to add... 27 Jan 2011


I tried to add the following link link to the slide show images let’s say for example:

The slide show stops working. But when I use strait forward link for example:

then it works fine. I see that “&” is causing a issue… How do you fix this??

Thanks for your Help…

genevishgraphics: Great buy!! Thanks a ... 14 Jan 2011

Great buy!! Thanks a ton!! Now I got it to work, it is SOOOO EASY !! I dont think I will ever have to struggle through another flash slideshow again, lol!! Thanks for the hard work, but don’t forget to update that file! Thanks, Emily

genevishgraphics: OK_ found the problem... 14 Jan 2011

OK_ found the problem – you mis-named the php file ‘show.xml.php’ – in the directions you say to use the name ‘simplexmlslideshow.xml.php’, but the actual php file in the code canyon zip you provided is named ‘show.xml.php’!! All of the documentation refers to simplexmlslideshow.xml.php. You should fix that in the zip so other people don’t have the same problem!!

~Emily Genevish Graphics

genevishgraphics: I thought I followed ... 14 Jan 2011

I thought I followed your instructions to the letter, but some was confusing to me. I am trying to integrate it into the site using the php you included. Only the arrows show up on the page currently. I uploaded the xml and php files to the same folder as the images as instructed (did not configure php file since you said as long as it was in same folder as xml it did not need changing at all). I uploaded all the js files to a folder named ‘js’ and linked to them as you instructed —I do have z index in place on the site, is that possibly the problem? I have my nav bar set to z index set to 1000 and it is right above where the slideshow should appear. The only thing that shows up on the page where the menu should be is the two arrows for back and forward. No loader or anything…

Any chance you could take a peek and let me know what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance!


2Geckos: I've gotten everythin... 2 Jan 2011

I’ve gotten everything to work well in an isolated webpage but found that Simple Javascript XML Slideshow conflicts with AllWebMenues.

The only way I’ve been able to get it working is inside an iframe.

The use of jQuery.noConflict(); does not work and also caused the Slideshow to fail.


jernigani: Yep, I've created the... 5 Dec 2010

Yep, I’ve created the wordpress plugin/shortcode that comes with the slideshow. It’s currently in the que for submission. But if you want it sooner, you can purchase the slideshow and then send me an email. I’ll then gladly send you the updated version.

will1234craig: hi mate is this on wo... 3 Dec 2010

hi mate is this on wordpress yet



jernigani: Yep, it totally does.... 16 Oct 2010

Yep, it totally does.

All you need to do is reference whatever html element that you want it to be inside of. There is detailed instructions on how to do it in the documentation that you get with the slideshow. But below is essentially how it would work.

There is a widget included that you can use to get the html/javascript created for you.

HTML Needed

Place this wherever you want your slideshow to be in your file.
<div class="SliderContainer">
    <!-- !start of slider -->
    <!-- !end of slider -->

<div class="SliderContainer2">
    <!-- !start of slider -->
    <!-- !end of slider -->

Javascript Needed

You would place this in your script html tag, wrapped inside a jQuery domReady event.
    xml_url: "js/simple_jxs/simplexmlslideshow.xml" 

    xml_url: "js/simple_jxs/simplexmlslideshow.xml" 

JillChongva: Does this plugin offe... 15 Oct 2010

Does this plugin offer the ability to have multiple slideshows with different images on different pages? The preview seemed to indicate that it does but I wanted to check :)


jernigani: For anyone who has pu... 12 Oct 2010

For anyone who has purchased or wants to purchase this file, I would greatly appreciate your feedback. If it doesn’t work like you expect or you feel like it’s missing a vital piece let me know.

I want to make this better and work well for those who purchase it. But I need your opinions and critique for that to work.

jernigani: @kendokar This sli... 6 Sep 2010


This slideshow currently doesn’t allow for different times for each image. But you can change the overall time for each image by using this attribute, transition_time. Please check the documentation for all the variables you have available.

If you would like to request to have individual times for each image I can work on that for you personally. Feel free to contact me via my profile page.

kendokar: I want to add time_de... 5 Sep 2010

I want to add time_delay per slide, how can I do that??

xakia: Can I used this as a ... 17 Aug 2010

Can I used this as a featured post slider using the images from each post’s gallery?

kendokar: does this support fla... 16 Aug 2010

does this support flash on the slide?

jernigani: No Problem. Enjoy the... 3 Aug 2010

No Problem. Enjoy the updated version.

deptofdesign: Ok, thanks! Message s... 3 Aug 2010

Ok, thanks! Message sent.

jernigani: @deptofdesign I've... 3 Aug 2010


I’ve uploaded an updated version in the queue last week, but I don’t think the files were actually updated. Please contact me from my profile page, and I can send you the correct version with the bug fix. I’m sorry that it was not the correct file when you downloaded it initially.

deptofdesign: Ok, seems to work OK,... 3 Aug 2010

Ok, seems to work OK, but when you add the href attribute so the files link, it cancels the animation. Any ideas?

jernigani: Hey, I'm not sure wha... 3 Aug 2010

Hey, I’m not sure what you mean by “comes out with the script as the buttons”? Do you have a test page I could take a look at? This might take a few replies and such, so feel free to just contact me from my profile page at the bottom.

CreativoLtd: Hi. Thanks for you... 3 Aug 2010


Thanks for your quick reply.

I tried adding the code but it comes out with the script as the buttons.

Here is the code:

<script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ $('.SliderContainer').simple_js_xml_slideshow({ container: ".sjxs_sliding_content", xml_url: "js/simple_jxs/simplexmlslideshow.xml", transition_time: 7, transition_speed: 1000, transition: "fade", show_loading: "true", random_start: "true", stop_on_click: "true", prev_button: '&amp;lt;img src="images/loading.gif" /&amp;gt;', next_button: '&amp;lt;img src="images/loading.gif" /&amp;gt;' }); }); </script>

jernigani: @CreativoLtd Than... 3 Aug 2010


Thanks for purchasing the file! Glad you are enjoying it so far.

It should be pretty easy to accomplish adding images for your prev/next buttons. When you place your javascript code for adding the slideshow to your html page there are options for giving the buttons html.

    prev_button: '&lt;img src="http://pathto/your/prev/image/" /&gt;',
    next_button: '&lt;img src="http://pathto/your/next/image/" /&gt;'

And then you will want to edit the CSS , in your stylesheet, that you used/copied for the slideshow. Look for references to .sjxs_next and .sjxs_prev. Then change padding and hover effects, that are in there by default, to be what you need to work with your images.

That’s the easiest way. If you know how to work with CSS , you can use pure CSS . But the method I listed above is easy to manage. If this doesn’t help or isn’t clear enough, feel free to ask any more questions.

CreativoLtd: Hi. Very nice scri... 3 Aug 2010


Very nice script and easy to use, well done!

Can you tell me how I make it so I can use images(png) for the prev and next buttons?

jernigani: @mklupa - They totall... 28 Jul 2010

@mklupa – They totally can have individual links. It is done in the xml file that you create.

mklupa: does the slideshow ha... 27 Jul 2010

does the slideshow have the ability to have links for each one?

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tallguy1000: An you add tax/vat to... 11 Sep 2013

An you add tax/vat to invoices in this application and can you add multiple projects per client? Thanks

gmoran: The adding comments h... 5 Sep 2012

The adding comments hangs on process.php and just stays there Any thoughts.


- Greg

gmoran: The adding comments h... 5 Sep 2012

The adding comments hangs on process.php and just stays there Any thoughts.

jonnyplow: Does anyone know how ... 19 Jun 2012

Does anyone know how to display all clients with their projects listed in a table format on one page for this?


Client Name 1 – Project 1 Project 2 Project 3

Client Name 2 – Project 1 Project 2

Client Name 3 – Project 1 Project 2 Project 3

Trying to figure out a function but can’t.

ddartman7: Looks nice. Does the ... 25 Apr 2012

Looks nice. Does the product support creating multiple users who can create/manager their own invoices?

BryanDesigns: Hey jernigani, I just... 11 Feb 2012

Hey jernigani, I just wanted to ask if you could possibly make a sheet where i can see all the php methods you used and stuff.. I am trying to edit your program to incorporate it into a admin theme I’ve got. Anyway you could email them to me? Thanks

Cheryl619: Thank you "PicoKol" f... 4 Dec 2011

Thank you “PicoKol” for posting about the Time fix. I just used ”-” instead of ”+”. It is working so far, thanks

jcbfergie: Oh - one more thing..... 4 Oct 2011

Oh – one more thing… I can edit existing projects and clients. I just cannot create new ones.

jcbfergie: I have the script ins... 4 Oct 2011

I have the script installed, but I cannot create new clients or add new projects. I don’t receive any errors, but when I create a new client, it never appears on my client list. When I add a new project, it stays on the pop-up screen, shows the progress indicator, but never completes.

Can you contact me so we can troubleshoot? Thanks!


jonnyplow: When are you expectin... 26 Aug 2011

When are you expecting the next release?

webcore: Can you attach photos... 18 Jun 2011

Can you attach photos or pdfs, etc.? This is standard on other client portals.

PicoKol: Well, I fixed the tim... 23 May 2011

Well, I fixed the time issue. It takes the time from my server and not my computer, but I found a way around that, sort of. Here it is, in case anyone else needs it.

Find this code in the file: return @date($format,mktime()); and change it to this: return @date($format,mktime() + 7200);

7200 is the number of seconds in 2 hours, which is what I needed the clock to change by.

Also, add this code above it: $query = “SET time_zone = CST ”; CST is the timezone you want.

PicoKol: Never mind about my s... 15 May 2011

Never mind about my second problem (the total cost being figured by minutes), I fixed that problem. I still need help with the time.


PicoKol: I am having two probl... 15 May 2011

I am having two problems with this code. It occurs in the demo and the files that I purchased.

1) The tracker thinks I am in Pacific Time, 2 hours before where I really am, Central Time. Also, on the mini tracker clock, it starts at 1:59:59, instead of zero.

2) I need the total cost to be calculated by the minute, not the hour.

Please fix this. If these problems are fixed, then this is an awesome program. Otherwise, its useless.


jonnyplow: @robertsachristan I ... 29 Apr 2011

@robertsachristan I don’t think there is support anymore. I’ve tried and it seems like a no.

My big question is does anyone else’s version say 1.0 in their file? It shows 1.6 in the banner, and 1.3 and 1.5 for bug fixes. So I wonder if the file uploaded is even the latest. However, at the same time CodeCanyon isn’t even reading my support request emails to figure this out! Awesome!

robertsachristan: I would be interested... 23 Apr 2011

I would be interested in knowing if these fixes have been done as well, ive written to you several times. Is there support for this product?

Currently the only thing I can use it for is just time tracking. It would be cool if once the project was paid it would be archived or removed from the list.



jonnyplow: Ok, I'm seeing some i... 18 Apr 2011

Ok, I’m seeing some issues with this still, maybe you can help.

1. the dollar total in the project doesn’t equal the exact amount of time worked. it’s rounded down. how can i change that to be precise?

2. the popup to edit a time entry doesn’t carry over the correct AM or PM that was tracked. It’s always AM

3. an invoice isn’t automatically created/started for any project. you have to manually do it, which should be started for that project once you start it.

Can you tell me how to fix these?

jonnyplow: UPDATE: I think it's... 6 Feb 2011

UPDATE : I think it’s working now. Did another reinstall and noticed that changing the secret messed it up, so I left that alone. Seems to work now.

jonnyplow: was wondering if you ... 4 Feb 2011

was wondering if you found the solutions to these issues yet?

jernigani: Yeah sorry about this... 28 Jan 2011

Yeah sorry about this @jonnyplow. I responded to your previous comments, and am working on fixing the issues you addressed.

jernigani: I will look into addi... 28 Jan 2011

I will look into adding this. Should be pretty easy to do.

Contact me via my profile page and I can send you the updated files for you to try out.

Thanks for the comments/ideas.

jernigani: Hmm, no that wouldn't... 28 Jan 2011

Hmm, no that wouldn’t be a permissions issue. I will do a new install on my machine and see what I find. I will keep you informed.

jernigani: Sorry for the late re... 28 Jan 2011

Sorry for the late response to this…

  1. I am currently looking into ways to make the dashboard more helpful: adding graphs, etc. Is there anything specifically that you would like to be able to filter?
  2. This shouldn’t be to hard to add. I will work on making this happen, this is a great idea.

If you contact me from my profile page I will be able to send you those updated files, for billing clients monthly, as soon they are completed.

And I am dearly sorry for the late response to this.

jernigani: Sorry for the late re... 28 Jan 2011

Sorry for the late response to this as well…

Which page did you see this on? Or what doesn’t make sense? I just want to make sure I’m understanding what you are asking.

jernigani: I am very sorry for t... 28 Jan 2011

I am very sorry for the late response…

Firstly, I will say that I’ve dropped the ball on the documentation for this app. It needs to be updated. So, it’s not your fault for not being able to figure this out.

  1. (depends on the version) To change the theme portal open the includes/ and look near the very bottom of the file. If you see a php function that looks like this, < ?=setStyles();? >, then remove it. Then add in it’s place, put the words layout-3 (dark blue), layout-2 (green), or layout-1 (light blue).
  2. Changing the timezone. It’s possible, but will require more of an explanation than should be in a comment. Simply put, Yes, you can change the TZ, but it requires some updating of the files. If you want to contact me from the contact form on my profile page I can help you out more easily.
  3. I have thought about other mobile versions, but at this time I don’t have the time to work on it. I will though look into seeing if what I have would work with the android version. Then that would be an easy addition.

If you contact me via the contact form on my profile page I will be able to help you with changing the timezone. Again, I’m sorry for this very late response. And if any of the above doesn’t make sense, please feel free to post about it here.

jernigani: Sorry for the very la... 28 Jan 2011

Sorry for the very late response…

Thanks so much for your feedback. I haven’t had to much constructive use-case feedback, so this is great!

I will take a look at all of those things you mentioned. Especially the exporting reports. That should be fairly easy to have something export an xml or csv file.

jernigani: Sorry for the very la... 28 Jan 2011

Sorry for the very late response…

I will take a look at this, but it should be pretty easy to add. I will update the app once it’s added. Are there any other fields you think would be helpful to have on there?

jonnyplow: Is there no longer su... 26 Jan 2011

Is there no longer support for this item?

Cunctus69: Wish this had a tax l... 24 Jan 2011

Wish this had a tax line option :( Any plans for the future?

jonnyplow: I just purchased this... 22 Jan 2011

I just purchased this and installed it. But there are a few issues I’m having. I can delete a client fine, but I can’t delete any projects. It says it deletes them when I try, but it still shows in the client list. Also, when I try to start the tracker, it doesn’t switch over to the “stop tracking” button and page. It just stays the same, but somehow tracks it in the background. I set my user permissions when setting up the DB to all. So I don’t think it’s a permissions issue. Any suggestions???

CostelloS: First of all, let me ... 8 Jan 2011

First of all, let me say, This a great app. Thank you for making it.

Now i got 3 questions.

How do I changed the theme of the portal?

and 2, How can I change the server times to be GMT -5 (USA Eastern)?

and last 3, Is it possible to also get an android version of the mobile thing, just like what you have for the the Iphone?

Thanks, Steve C

ViaWaVe: 2011-01-04 01/04/11... 5 Jan 2011

2011-01-04 01/04/11 8:00 pm 01/04/11 8:45 pm 0:75 01/04/11 6:00 pm 01/04/11 6:30 pm 0:50

This doesn’t look right to me.

ViaWaVe: It's not bad. The pri... 29 Dec 2010

It’s not bad. The price paid is well worth the savings in code writing. However, please consider the following:

The Iphone interface is really nice. Good layout and design. This product is worth the money but can be improved.

Regards, ViaWaVe.:.

jonnyplow: ok, thanks, are you p... 9 Dec 2010

ok, thanks, are you planning on adding in an automated “date sent” field in the invoice book table, or is that something that a buyer would need to customize?

jernigani: Yep, the status can b... 9 Dec 2010

Yep, the status can be manually changed when the invoice is created: Sent, Paid, Not Sent.

And the statuses will try and update based on when an invoice is sent, or paid via paypal. The paypal option isn’t always reliable since it has to wait on their service to ping your server.

There is a Due Date so I don’t see why a Date sent or Date Paid couldn’t be added as well.

jonnyplow: ah ok. yeah that's a... 7 Dec 2010

ah ok. yeah that’s actually what I was looking for. any chance though that it can say when it was paid, and when the invoice was submitted to client?

jernigani: There isn't really a ... 7 Dec 2010

There isn’t really a tally. A tally could easily be added though. Just give me an idea of what you are looking to have added. There is an area to view all paid, sent, unsent invoices.

Invoice Book

jonnyplow: are you able to view ... 6 Dec 2010

are you able to view sent and paid invoices? Does it tally that somewhere?

jernigani: Fixed now. I was tryi... 17 Nov 2010

Fixed now. I was trying to enable mod_pagespeed on my domains, and for some reason this is the only one not working. Thanks for the headsup! It should work now.

wisdom: Demo seems to be havi... 17 Nov 2010

Demo seems to be having issues, I have no CSS .

codigovision: Great application, Th... 28 Oct 2010

Great application, Thanks! I was wondering if its possible to add some additional features.

1. add a few filters to the dashboard to view results for a specific date range, by client, and project.

2. create invoice for a client including all time on all projects for a certain date range ( to bill a client monthly instead of by project)

Thanks for your help.

jernigani: Currently it's setup ... 16 Oct 2010

Currently it’s setup to only create invoices when projects are assigned to clients. Since the time tracking is what’s used to attribute how much an invoice is charging. As well as the line-items in the invoice.

I would gladly listen to why you would want it the other way around.

Em_W: Can you allow clients... 15 Oct 2010

Can you allow clients to pay invoice via paypal before project is started?

jernigani: I set you an email. Y... 11 Oct 2010

I set you an email. You should get the new files soon.

postidol: I've emailed you. Wou... 6 Sep 2010

I’ve emailed you. Would love it if you could send me the new updated file ;) Thank you very much!!!

jernigani: @postidol Oh I gu... 1 Sep 2010


Oh I guess I haven’t uploaded the changes yet. I will upload them this weekend and post an note about it when it’s approved. If you want to send me an email through my profile page I can email you the changed files over email so you don’t have to wait.

postidol: Did the cpanel and ft... 31 Aug 2010

Did the cpanel and ftp login credential for the client profiles ever get added to the system? I’d be interested in that as well :)

MickeyT: This product and sell... 15 Jun 2010

This product and seller are amazing. I asked if I could get some additional programming in the script done, so it could include login information such as cPanel username and password along with FTP username and password, and within 16 hours it was personally delivered to my email by the owner himself…

I would definitely recommend the owner who is Israel Jernigan for anything in the future. He has great customer service and GREAT Support. This has been the best buying experience on Code Canyon to date for me. Keep up the great work!

Mickey Trivett

MickeyT: Sounds great I look f... 14 Jun 2010

Sounds great I look forward to the Updated Version. Thank you for your prompt response and fast customer service. I appreciate it…

jernigani: @WebCoUSA Hmmm, I cou... 14 Jun 2010

@WebCoUSA Hmmm, I could do that. I’ll put up an update later today, and send it your way once I add it. :)

Displaying 28 most recent entries.

jernigani: Yep. It sure does. So... 6 Jun 2010

Yep. It sure does. Sorry about that. The website had added all of that sidebar stuff, and I hadn’t updated the description with the new options. It’s there now. Hope that helps. :)

warfare73: Flash Files Included ... 5 Jun 2010

Flash Files Included N/A

does it contain fla file?

RIVINGTONDESIGNHOUSE: So sorry, But I have... 29 Oct 2009

So sorry, But I have one addition to me last question – ha. How can I make it so that the thumbs load in the center and do not align to the right and get cut off.

RIVINGTONDESIGNHOUSE: Hey one last question... 29 Oct 2009

Hey one last question. When I resize the thumbs, they go over the border. How do I make it so the images in the thumbs do not go over the border?

jernigani: # To change the width... 29 Oct 2009

  1. To change the width and height of the thumbnails you need to edit the actual flash file. There is a variable called thumbnailSize that has the height and width of the thumbnails. It’s on line 10 of the first layer labeled actionscript.
  2. You just need to add your url where your images are stored into the variable domainName. It’s on line 12 of the first layer labeled actionscript.

If you want each of the thumbnails to have differing sizes I will need to make another adjustment to the flash file and add some more options to the xml file.

I hope this helps, if you have any more please feel free to email me again. I check that more often.

RIVINGTONDESIGNHOUSE: Hey, So thank you so... 29 Oct 2009

Hey, So thank you so much for adding the thumbnail ability. Two questions. One. How do I change the width and hight of the slider thumb image? and 2, when I click on view in browser, your website come up. How do I change this?

jernigani: Currently the thumbna... 28 Oct 2009

Currently the thumbnails are generated dynamically based off of the images you reference in the xml file.

I don’t think it would be that much work to setup your flash file to work with an additional reference to a thumbnail image. If you will send me your flash file that you are working with I can add that for you, or try and point you in the right direction.

Contact me here on my profile page

RIVINGTONDESIGNHOUSE: Hey, How can I make ... 28 Oct 2009

Hey, How can I make the Thums different from the image that opens?

jernigani: I'd be happy to help.... 24 Jun 2009

I’d be happy to help. Contact me here and it will be easier for me to help you specifically with your changes.

Thanks for purchasing the file!

anjord02: how do I adjust the s... 24 Jun 2009

how do I adjust the slider so it still works well if I move it or make it longer?

jernigani: @anjord02 No it's not... 21 Jun 2009

@anjord02 No it’s not a pain to change the size. There are instructions in the documentation on how to do this, and I can help you as well.

anjord02: Not sure if this is a... 21 Jun 2009

Not sure if this is appropriate to ask the developer…but….. would it be a giant pain to change the size of the component?

jernigani: @jackienuxoll yes, yo... 8 May 2009

@jackienuxoll yes, you can easily remove the tape. It is not a part of the image. You could easily go into the movieclip and simply delete the tape you don’t want.

jackienuxoll: am I able to use this... 7 May 2009

am I able to use this without having the little tape over my images?

jernigani: @mary_xone Curren... 7 May 2009


Currently, this version does not fully support swf files. But has been tested with 100+ images and worked well. There is no limit set as to how many can be set.

If you would like swf support you can contact me and we could work out an arrangement.

mary_xone: hi... I'm searchin... 7 May 2009


I’m searching for a Galery with Scrollbar to use on my web site…but I will need to update images…your code is for unlimitted images ? And when you click on the image is possible to load a external .swf instead of the image ?


by the way nice work…

MS-Design: good job , I love bou... 29 Apr 2009

good job , I love bounce:)

jernigani: @poisonwaffle @MS-Des... 28 Apr 2009

@poisonwaffle @MS-Design Thanks for the bug finds guys. I’ve updated my file with your suggestions.

MS-Design: cool slide! you ne... 28 Apr 2009

cool slide!

you need to put a MOUSE _OUT check, when I go out of swf, slide follow mouse again

jernigani: @argokuba Yeah, curr... 28 Apr 2009

@argokuba Yeah, currently it’s just to show off the different styles. But I’m thinking that I might make another version that allows for multiple galleries.

argokuba: you know how you have... 28 Apr 2009

you know how you have style tab? use that for multiple gallery? will this have muliple album

jernigani: Thanks for the great ... 28 Apr 2009

Thanks for the great feedback guys.

@poisonwaffle Thanks for the heads-up. I hadn’t noticed that. Heh, after all my testing…

Will be doing an update soon!

baklach: Nice work!!!!... 28 Apr 2009

Nice work!!!!

poisonwaffle: work on the keyboard ... 28 Apr 2009

work on the keyboard navigation, the ball slides away if you keep pressing the left of right buttons. by the way i like the slider throwing effect.

dalemo: very good... 28 Apr 2009

very good

cg219: Nice, I like the thro... 28 Apr 2009

Nice, I like the throw slider.

tomez: it's cool :)... 28 Apr 2009

it’s cool :)

rRomila: Something different. ... 27 Apr 2009

Something different. good job :)